The Better Basements Annual Inspection Program

Let us do the dirty work, so you don’t have to. We’ll inspect your crawl space or basement annually and provide you with a detailed report.
Technician inspecting crawl space.

Enjoy going under your home?

Your crawl space should be inspected annually. The problem is most homeowners don’t like going under their home. Even if that doesn’t bother you (weird), do you know what to look for to determine if everything is good? We are eager to take this unpleasant task off your plate so you can know the condition of your basement or crawl space without having to get dirty.

We'll inspect under your home so you don't have to

Comprehensive Inspection

We’ll inspect your basement or crawl space to ensure all major systems are in good health.

Detailed Report

You’ll be provided with an in depth report that includes photos and videos so you can see under your home.

Repair or Replace

Vent wells and screens will be cleaned, and repaired if needed. In some cases we’ll even replace your sump pump.* 

How it works

1. Schedule Inspection

Click the black button below and fill out the form letting us know the size of your home and whether you have a crawl space or basement.

2. Get a Detailed Report

After we’ve inspected under your home we’ll provide you with a detailed report using photos and videos to show you what we found.

3. Know Your Home is Sound

You’ll feel confident your home is in good health. Should we find an issue that needs to be resolved, we’ll work to remedy it as soon as possible.

Want to know what’s included in our inspection?

  • Vent Well inspection and cleaning/repair
  • Vent screen inspection and repair
  • Sill Plate evaluation
  • Downspout flood testing**
  • Sump pump float test
  • Sump pump flood test
  • Foundation crack assessment
  • Pier & post health
  • FREE or Discounted sump pump replacement*
  • Window well debris removal
  • Replacement of battery if applicable/needed***
  • Dehumidifier port flushing
  • Visual inspection for microbial growth
  • Visual inspection of Plumbing under home
  • Visual inspection of HVAC under home
  • Vapor barrier lifespan estimate

Inspection pricing calculator

The fine print, made big enough to read

The following is an attempt to explain in plain English what to expect from your inspection

All pictures and reports will be delivered in CompanyCam and will be accessible indefinitely, or as long as CompanyCam remains in business and their terms and conditions allow for access. Any observations made cannot guarantee future system success or current system health. All observations made will be supported by photos and/or videos. Better Basements & Waterproofing are experts in basement and crawl space waterproofing; any claims made on systems outside of our expertise are just that, outside our expertise. Evaluations of these systems should be viewed as a way to alert against potential problems and nothing more.

*FREE sump pumps are included when a pump has failed, is less than 5 years old and was originally installed by Better Basements & Waterproofing. If the pump was not installed by BBWP and replacement is necessary, the cost of replacement will be discounted by the cost of the inspection fee. You’ll also have the option to purchase a backup sump pump for $220 ($250 value).

**Not all downspouts can be flood tested. If downspout can be tested without modification it will be.

***Free battery replacement does not include material, only labor.