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Let’s Remove the Mystery

For most homeowners like yourself, your basement or crawl space is often mysterious. Commonly, problems under the home are so anxiety-inducing you find yourself intentionally keeping them out of site and out of mind. Unfortunately, problems with your crawl space or basement will never get better on their own.

The best anxiety relief is information. With the information you need, you can make a decision you feel great about. That’s what we’re aiming to provide here. We don’t make these videos because of our good looks, and we definitely don’t make them for our Mothers to show our Aunties…

The best businesses have a teacher’s heart. With us you won’t find scare tactics or unproven methods, just information you need about known problems and their known solutions.

Enjoy our extensive video library below to learn about your crawl space or basement, and how we solve the most common problems that can arise in them.

Basement gravel base for concrete.

Watch These Videos

Our library of videos will continue to grow as we perfect our craft with each job we take on. The themes you’ll encounter range from common problems and their known solutions, to contractor selection and warranties. We’re confident our videos will help you make a decision you feel great about.

Exploring the internet for basement waterproofing, I came across Better Basement’s YouTube channel. I live out of state and could not convince them to travel 1,500 miles to waterproof my basement (not kidding, I really tried!). However, they did spend a lot of time with me over the phone to help me find a quality waterproofing contractor near me. They even reviewed bids for me, and told me exactly the questions to ask. Your kindergarten teacher wasn’t lying, knowledge is power!

-Randy, Topeka KS

Finishing basement concrete.

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