The Waterproof Warranty

If our work leaks, we’ll either repair it or give you a refund.

There is no catch.

Most warranties are made difficult to read, or come with certain stipulations most systems won’t be able to adhere to. That way it’s easy for the company to not honor it. We believe a company should stand by the system they install.

Just like the way we waterproof a basement or crawl space, you won’t find any gimmicks baked into our warranty. It’s simple; If our work fails to keep water out of your basement or crawl space, we’ll either fix it or give you a refund.

There are no required annual maintenance plans, and it’s fully transferable to the next owner in the event you sell your home.

Technician finishing cement leveling

Past Warranty Claims

While we strive for perfection, we recognize it’s an elusive standard to achieve. Despite our 5-Star rating on Google, we have made a few mistakes. With that said, you have our word that in the rare instance we do make a mistake, we go to great lengths to make it right and ensure it doesn’t happen again. In an effort to be transparent with our customers we will use this space to list every warranty claim we’ve had to date, describe how we corrected the issue, and tell what steps we’ve implemented in our systems and processes to ensure the mistake does not happen again.

Sump pump running for abnormal lengths of time

A small piece of pea gravel was found to be stuck in the check valve leaving it open. The pea gravel was removed and the pump now functions properly. No damage was done to the home. The repair was made within 2 days of the customer contacting us.

CORRECTION: While we’re still not sure how this happened–we do not use pea gravel for this very reason–we now inspect the check valve upon installing a sump pump.

Vapor barrier found to be floating in crawl space

The sump pump’s check valve was not fully tightened and had come loose causing the pump to discharge in the basin. We tightened the check valve and discharged the water. The System now functions properly and no damage was done to the home.

CORRECTION: Job leads no longer perform the initial install of sump pumps. Job leads now check all installation of sump pumps, which increases training opportunities and the double checking of work.

Standing water in crawl space

Homeowner had been incorrectly advised by Better Basements that full drainage was not needed for their home. Because Better Basements was wrong, we added 50 additional feet of perimeter drainage in the crawl space at no cost to the homeowner. The repair was made within a week of being notified by the customer and the drainage system now functions properly. No damage was done to the home.

CORRECTION: This was an honest and rare mistake made by the estimator. We have since lowered the threshold for when we advise full drainage.

Crawl space vent screens not repaired as expected

Better Basements was notified by the homeowner the evening after the job had been completed. The repair was made the next day.

CORRECTION: Job leads now receive a physical checklist for every job.

Excessive discharge caused yard to turn into a swamp

Their basement was still completely dry and no damage was done to the home. The repair was made the following week. The discharge was moved onto the driveway at no cost to the homeowner.

CORRECTION: We never know exactly how much water our system will move. In this case it is thousands of gallons per day. This is a rare occurrence and the only solution is trial and error, which we will perform until we get it right.

Taped vapor barrier failed to adhere to foundation wall

It was discovered that the tape was falling off the wall. The repair was made within a week and no damage was done to the home. The tape was failing to adhere because the wall had not been properly cleaned.

CORRECTION: Technician who worked on the job received further training on how to work with butyl and seam tape.

Low point drain failure

The repair was made within the week. We discovered that the low point drain had failed due to the amount of water that was running through it. The discharge was moved to an isolated line. No damage was done to the home.

CORRECTION: We now avoid using low point drains and instead use downspouts and pop up emitters whenever possible. Low point drains are unreliable and often the reason crawl spaces flood in the first place.

Better Basements waterproofed the crawl space in our home and everything went really well. We went down to check on the sump pump and noticed the vapor barrier was wet near the pump. We notified Better Basements and they had someone out to fix a loose check valve within (2) hours. It has been a year now and the vapor barrier has been bone dry ever since! BBWP was very responsive and apologetic. My wife and I are thankful we went with a company who stands by their work. I still highly recommend these guys!

– Daisha

Basement crawlspace white vapor barrier.

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