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We are honest craftsmen who value our customers and take pride in what we do.




Profile picture of Dylan, co-owner of Better Basements & Waterproofing.

Dylan, Co-Owner

Dylan worked for a small home remodeler in high school before he joined the Marines. After his military service in the Marines he was quickly drawn back to what he loved most, residential construction. He was a Project Manager for a Design and Build Firm in San Diego, California doing everything from multi-million dollar penthouses to large coastal estates. This experience further developed Dylan’s love for an efficient and high performing job site that puts the customer’s concerns and goals before anything else. When not meeting with customers you can find Dylan spending as much time as possible with his wife, Jessica and daughter, Ruby. He enjoys watching Mariners baseball and spends most of his free time spoiling his girls with dinner at local restaurants and doing various activities with his church.

Profile picture of Dylan, co-owner of Better Basements & Waterproofing.
Profile picture of Michael, co-owner of Better Basements & Waterproofing.

Michael, Co-Owner

Michael is one of the secret super powers of Better Basements & Waterproofing. You will not find him on job sites often, but he is the driving force behind many of the unseen processes it takes to run a rapidly growing construction company. Michael is a pivotal player in navigating a business that strives to take care of Realtors and their clients. When he gets the chance, he enjoys spending time with the rest of the team. When away from business, Michael can be found spending time with his wife and 4 kids. He enjoys teaching his boys how to take care of their chickens and pigs, and making sure his daughter is properly supervising. You can find him and his family partaking in activities with their church and hosting gatherings at their home in Newberg.
Profile image of Bryan, senior project manager of better basement & waterproofing.

Bryan, Senior Project Manager

Bryan has extensive residential construction experience. He is almost comically over-qualified for this position, but he loves solving real problems for people that need them fixed now. Bryan runs the various crews and trains all new employees and up and coming job leads. Bryan is a sports fanatic and is an all around joy to be around. He brings a much needed light heartedness and fun to a messy and hard job that customers gravitate to.

Profile image of Tyler, warehouse director of better basement & waterproofing.

Tyler, Warehouse Director

Tyler came to Better Basements from retail management. Despite having no construction experience he quickly became one of the most important helpers and then job leads Better Basement’s has. Tyler’s gift and experience of inventory management and organization is second to none. He can still be seen running a crew and keeping homes dry but many elevated responsibilities. Tyler enjoys Magic The Gathering and eating fancy steaks with his girlfriend.

Seven team members of better basement & waterproofing company standing in front of company van, truck, and trailer.

At Better Basements & Waterproofing, everything we do is centered around putting our customers first.

Our estimators only have the role because they were first installers and/or project leads. When one shows up to your home to provide you with an estimate, you can be confident they possess extensive knowledge about what it takes to do the job. They won’t upsell you either. You’ll receive an honest estimate with nothing more than what is needed to solve the problem you’re facing.

We understand the likelihood of you crawling under your home to inspect our work is low. Even still, we complete the job like you’ll be staring at it every day. We ask our installers every week, how can we elevate the services we already provide? Better Basements’ installers have been trained to take pride in the smallest details so you’re left confident that the job was done right.

Once our work is complete, we want you to feel confident your home is structurally sound and hiring us to do the job was the right choice. On the off chance that isn’t how you feel, let us know so we can make it right.

Better Basements and Waterproofing was amazing! I would highly recommend Dylan and his crew. They were professional, on time, quick to respond, and the price was reasonable compared to others…and I’m the type to get several quotes on jobs. They cleaned up the crawl space, removed our existing vapor barrier, replaced a damaged post, dug out and installed a vent well, and installed new 6ml vapor barrier throughout my crawl space. Dylan and the team were so easy to work with and were honest with their assessment of what needed to be done; I did not feel like I was getting the shaft from these guys. I would highly recommend, and will call them when I need work done with regards to my crawl space or waterproofing. Thanks Dylan and crew, you guys rock!

– Anthony G.

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